Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Airport Revelations

I am a people watcher. Always have been, probably always will be. I've always been fascinated by the stories that surrounds peoples moments. So as we passed through security this past Monday and arrived at the gate to get the boys off to NY, I noticed a mom sitting with her little boy. I have traveled for years with my boys and never have I gone on a flight without a carry-on. So it wasn't anything strange for me to only have my purse since this time I wasn't flying with them. I guess this realization about myself caused me to be more aware of the fact that this mom didn't seem to have any gear to keep a playful boy busy on a flight to New York. 'She must be depositing her boy on the flight as well', I thought to myself. As the boys got on the flight I made my way back over to the window so I could see the plane till it was ready for takeoff. Really I was hoping to gain super eyesight and be able to see the boys through the airplane window but no such luck! :) The woman and her son waited till everyone was on the flight and then she ushered him up to the gate attendant. He got on the plane with the ease of a pro, she later told me he'd been flying solo since he was 6. So as we waited I got to hear a bit from her; I will never come down on a mom for being glad for a bit of downtime (I can SO relate) but what I began to hear really broke my heart a bit. Even knowing the boys needed this time away (& truthfully so did Mom), I hate being apart from them. As much as I love the quiet time I LOVE being a mom and it was like I was almost brought back to the days when I was first a mom. Surrounded by many moms who were moms by default, they were great women but you could tell being a mom took a backseat to them as a person. It was still all about them, the kids came second. I take my role in the boys lifes really seriously because I know one day I will be accountable to God for what I did with the treasure He gave. So this leads me to end with this. If you know a mom, more particulary a single mom, who shoulders the load greatly alone, lift them in prayer continually. Be an advocate for the job they do, let them know the importance of the task they've been given. For even if we weren't meant to do this alone, the reality might be much different from the dream. I will pray for this mom, who by the way seemed like a great woman. I'll pray that she will always realize the true treasure she has been given and work every day to make sure she makes deposits for a great and mighty return one day! Love to you all!!


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